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Dell 5820 - Keeps Shutting Down

Hi, have a Dell 5820 workstation tower that is out of warranty. It was working fine until today, when it suddenly powered off. Trying to turn it back on, it works sometimes but will eventually power off after several minutes. 

The power switch light flashes 1 Amber and 2 White, which according to the manual:

means: Bad Power_Ctrl Cable, System Board or, PSU

I did try the BIST test and the PSU seems fine. I also replace the motherboard CMOS battery, but the issue still persists. Anything else I can do to track down the issue? 

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Re-seat all power-supply cables (also on back of PS if a modular one).

You could try another PS or just use a Digital Computer PS Tester. 

Just troubleshoot like a generic desktop computer. When you run-out of things to try, it's likely a bad motherboard.


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