Dell Precision 690 Quad Core Capatibility?

I have a Dell Precision 690 Motherboard OMY171 Revision A01 and i want to run 2 quad core Processors on it.  Is this Possible?  If it is how could it be Done.

I have read on other forums and i get different answers or mixed answers on the subject of dual quad core processors running on a dell precision 690. 

On one hand people are saying that the 690 OMY171 Rev A02 is the only revision of the motherboard that can in fact run dual quad core xeon processors. 

Now on other hand i read that the older motherboard can also run 2 quad core processors using some sort of battery pulling trick and a specific BIOS

Im wondering if Anyone can shed some light and say for certain from experience of some kind what motherboard is capable off running quad core processors 2 at the same time not one at a time. 

I have even read that the OMY171 Rev A01 is also capable of running 2 quad core processors. 

I have had 2 motherboards now.  Both were OMY171 Rev A01 and when i had 2 quad core processors installed the system failed to boot.  It would just turn on and then shut off.   One had bios A06 and the other had Bios A08 but with that one i never tried a single quad core cpu.  However i got the motherboard with Bios Version A06 to run with 1 quad core processor Only so far. 

So anyone preferably someone who had actually tried this.  Please fill me in on what the Dell precision 690 is actually capable off. 


Thank you


Kevin Hogan

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