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Dell Precision 7910 - Exact physical size limit of GPU

Hi I have a Precision 7910 workstation tower. I am interested in upgrading its graphics card and need to know the exact size GPU  that will actually fit in the case. I tried an RTX 3090 from another computer and it physically did not fit. The case would no longer close. So what are the exact dimension of a GPU that will fit in this case?

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I have a 2070 Ti in my T7910 and it fits fine.  It's two slot and (I think) 10.5" long.  The 30 series (e.g. 3090 ) is about 12.3 inches IIRC and is 3 slot.  And it doesn't fit.    

So with a 20 series you're ok.  If you really want a later model like a 3090 you could buy an extension PCI cable or graphics housing box.  

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