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Dell Precision T5610 - Does it always use ECC-memory?

Hi there, 

questions regarding Precision T5610: Does it always stick with ECC memory and its ECC functionality? Or is it possible that ECC just sits there and isn't being used? 

Dell has a BIOS option "RMT"  - reliable memory technology. Does checking the RMT box automatically mean that ECC memory is supported and also being used?

Certain CPU and motherboard tools stated that the chipset x79 is being used for the board. I read that x79 is the consumer variant of the c6xx without ECC support. Some tools say that both C600 and X79 chipset were used.

Regarding ECC: is it ALWAYS being used if ECC memory is installed?

Thank you very much!

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Re: Dell Precision T5610 - Does it always use ECC-memory?

The Dell documentation for the T5610 only lists ECC memory.

The Documentation also covers the T3610 and it states ECC and Non ECC for this model.

By the way, the correct forum section for Precision's is the Workstation section



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Re: Dell Precision T5610 - Does it always use ECC-memory?

Hi fireberd,

thank you very much for your answer. I'm sorry for posting in the wrong board. I just opened a new discussion in the correct section. This thread can be closed.

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