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Dell Precision T5610 - Does it always use ECC-memory?

Hi there, 

questions regarding Precision T5610: Does it always stick with ECC memory and its ECC functionality? Or is it possible that ECC just sits there and isn't being used? 

Dell has a BIOS option "RMT"  - reliable memory technology. Does checking the RMT box automatically mean that ECC memory is supported and also being used?

Certain CPU and motherboard tools stated that the chipset x79 is being used for the board. I read that x79 is the consumer variant of the c6xx without ECC support. Some tools say that both C600 and X79 chipset were used.

Regarding ECC: is it ALWAYS being used if ECC memory is installed?

Does RMT have any downsides in comparison to regular ECC functionality?

Thank you very much!

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Re: Dell Precision T5610 - Does it always use ECC-memory?

Hi @WP123,

Maybe you can take a security guard as example. Most of the time you may find a security guard just stood there and doing nothing. But is he doing his job? Yes! Whenever there's suspicious person passing by, he'll perform his function. "Watching" is part of his duty actually.

Same to ECC memory,  it's logic can detect and correct error of input data and output the corrected data so that the system continues to operate.

For your second question, I believe you can't compare ECC with Dell RMT because they function in a totally different way. ECC detect and correct data, while RMT detect hard errors and multi-bit soft errors in a DIMM (just like the concept to hard drive error-mapping technology that remarks dead block of a hard drive and prevent it from being used). Check on this whitepaper if you wanna know more about RMT.

“May the Force be with Dell.”
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