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Dell Precision workstations Models 7820 and 5820

IMG_1285.JPGI have 4  machines i am working on  all four have same problems  Hard drives are not being detected (   even after a Motherboard replacement )  The Bios  will not detect any drives  but  when in Device configuration you can the see the drives .  3 machines have  Intel® VROC Standard  raid controller   (   all  3 machines are using NVME M.2 SSD  in all four bays  ) 

The other Machine  has   3  SATA  Hard drives  using hdd  2.5" drives   ( i tested each drive and they work properly ) 

I know  that the problem could be anywhere   raid controller card , flex bay daughter board , cables, SSD M.2  etc.  Has anyone   seen this before ? seems to be happing to often 

I am wondering if it is in the setup in device configuration ?

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I assume you manually loaded the needed Intel RSTe  (rapid storage enterprise) driver while the windows installer is booted, before reaching the installation location selection ?

Also to my knowledge the 5820 and 7820 can have only 2 flexbays converted to u.2/nvme . Do you have an optional raid controller installed to handle all 4 flexbays (and so both backplanes have been changed) ?

Is the 4th machine having non converted/standard backplanes for the flexbays ?

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Hello  Thanks for answering,  to answer your question "NO" i would assume  the driver was already there  ( the machine is 2 years old was working fine until  last week ) 

And yes the machine does have 4 conversion drive bays   and has  4  1 TB    NVME   ssd m.2   (   2 are connected to the raid controller the other two plug into the mother board ) 


THE 4TH machine is using  standard  backplanes  using  SATA   3 connections  ( NO CONVERSIONS )  i recently updated the  Bios  Firmware  


Thanks   James 

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Well, with a pre existing install that was working, the driver was already loaded in it obviously. But maybe it got updated on auto with a wrong version (just an idea).

The 4th machine is more troublesome since it should just work, unless again something got drastically altered by an update.

Would I be right in assuming that all 4 stopped working ( as in started having this issue ) at the same time ? Was the bios updated just in one ?

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Hi    so to answer your 1st question  it did not get updated . (   there are 3 machine with almost the same configuration that are not detecting the 1 tb ssd drives  all 4 of them 


2. the 4th machine   did not have any updates  within  the past 2 weeks 


3. the 4th machine that  has 3  SATA 3 DRIVES  ( sas )   the mobo was just replaced and the drives will not show up in the bios , al the cables were check  along with the backplane , the  system has a raid 1 configuration along with a raid controller card . The drives do show up in the device configuration  . but when the system is turned on   it will post but can not find   the   O.S. 

No the machines did not stop  with the problem at the same time 

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For the 4th machine ( mb replaced ) , chances that the raid controller somehow lost the raid configuration data in between being removed and reinstalled ?

(if you have a backup of the data, you could recreate the array and reinstall the os)

Happy owner of a dual silver T7820
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