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Dell T7600 PERC H310 firmware update

I am looking for how to  update the firmware of my T7600 PERCH H310 and where to download updated firmware for it. I have seen posts of other users doing this in a server environment, such as this link.

Is this something worth pursuing for my system?

Currently I am using 4 drives in a Non-RAID (handled by bios it says in the raid controller) setup, and this is ok, but programs like Crystal Disk Info cannot see/read any SMART info or anything from these drives. They simply don't show up. I am wondering if a firmware update would fix this.

So I guess this is really two posts in one. Because I would also like updated firmware regardless of it fixing my secondary issue...


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Is there a way to fool the utility into letting me update with this firmware?

That seems to be the latest version for the PERC H310.

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