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Dell T7600 works fine with RTX3080

Hi All,

For those T7600 owners wondering if possible to upgrade to RTX 3000 series, here's a good news for you. Hands on a GALAX RTX 3080 SG and installed on my system with 1300W PSU. Reason to choose GALAX is that it's the only 3080 card I could find with the shortest height (113mm without Bracket) that can fit into tiny little space of T7600. Everything works fine under stock clock. FurMark for 15mins and still stable with maximum GPU tempurature 75°C. Not planning to test OC while stock performance already good enough for me.

Will try it on a T5600 with 825W later this week.


“May the Force be with Dell.”
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Nice! I read somewhere that these Ampere RTX cards use new types of power connectors. Is it true that the 8 pin sockets are non-standard? Do you need to use an adapter of some kind?


Hi @me.myself.i ,

It got 2 GPU power port and both in standard 8pin. While T7600 already got 2 8pin female port on the power distribution board, I can connect them with standard 8p-male-to-8p-male cable. I'm using 2 G3W07 cable as picture below.


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That's good to know! I read that Nvidia is planning on introducing 12-pin sockets. Maybe that's for the Ampere based Quadros?


Simply search "MSI RTX3080 power socket" and it returns "2x 8pin". Together with the GALAX on my hand, I believe that new 12-pin socket only exist on Founder Edition cards. But don't worry! Check out this article from TweakTown and it shows that both 3080 & 3090 FE cards comes with a 12pin-to-dual-8pin converter already.


“May the Force be with Dell.”
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Thank God I found this post, I've been wondering about this for a while. So great, 113mm will fit and you've identified a model which is a huge help! However, do you know what the absolute max height that will fit? We're there any others you looked at that are on the smaller side?

I bought a used Asus Rog Strix 1080ti over a year ago, but can't get the side panel closed on it because it's just a little too high at 134.2 mm (5.28 inches).

It works just fine but if I do another upgrade I'd really like to be able to close the case and know what buying options are available to me.


Hi @ericlampi ,

Related document you can find officially from Dell web site nowadays is the Owner’s Manual, which descript

it as “full-height” only:


However, there once exist another document named as Technical Guidebook that can still be located elsewhere, with detailed height value: 11.13cm


Practically my RTX3080 at 113mm slightly over the 111.3mm limitation but still marginally fit. I’m afraid any number over this value may not work on T7600.

Apart from card height, you may attention to power socket as well. In order not to let those PCIe power cables in heavy contortion, I added these kind of 180 degree converter:




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Thanks! I'm interested in your cpu cooler mod. What are you using? How's the temp comparted to the original heatsinks?


Hi @rollan13 ,

It's TMJK2 which originally designed for T7910 CPU water-cooling but also works on T7600. Maximum CPU temperature under stress test drops significantly from 89°C to 73°C, and keep at 4X°C on generally usage. Check out this thread and I left a reply there with more details.


“May the Force be with Dell.”
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I noticed on your 7600 that you have the 7910 liquid coolers installed. Did they fit OK or did you have to cut off part of your DVD player bracket to make it work? 

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