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Dell precision t3600 power supply option 2

Hello  this is my first post,

I am going to switch the power supply for the Dell precision t3600 425w to the t7810 825w (W1FJK). I read that the power supply is interchangeable from the t5600 line and t7810 but only the DR5JD and CVMY8 825w models.

I found a 825w from a t7810 w1fjk model and it doesn't fit unless i remove the top cover. There are some notiable difference.

I haven't powered my dell on yet. Let me know what you think. is this safe? should I not power on the unit? Will this be okay? Do i risk any damage to computer components? Will this support a gpu? 

I am looking forward to hearing your response. 


closed425wand825wsidebyside.jpgDell precision t3600 425w side by side t7810 825wclosed425wand825wsidebysideupsidedown.jpgquick release lever for dell precision t3600 425w *right and t7810 825w leftclosed425wand825wstack.jpg825w top 425w bottom pin difference powre supplycover425wand825wsidebyside.jpgunder side of top cover for power supply: thermal filminstalled825wt3600.jpginstalled 825w power supply without top cover and no quick release lever

Research/reference link:

A prevously discussion on the Dell t3600 power supply option

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Re: Dell precision t3600 power supply option 2

After testing the unit i not compatible. installing the 825w w1fjk without the cover t3600 would not power up. So i have a perfect good condition 

825w w1fjk for sale.