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DellPrecision T5600 bad memory report


I've a strange behavior of my station.

2 x E5-2640

4 x 8 GB

Bios A18


4 memories are installed ( 4 x 8 GB)

Only 24 GB is seen but fourth stick is seen as 0 GB ( CPU 2)

Another slot is reported 0 GB but nothing is plugged on it.



I've taken off all CPU 2 memories : still reported 0 GB on DIMM2_CPU2 and DIMM4_CPU2



Is someone have an idea ?




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Re: DellPrecision T5600 bad memory report

Hi @rbxlio ,

Check out page 8 of T5600 Technical Guidebook and see how memory be sitting correctly. 4x8GB RAM could only works with a single CPU.


“May the Force be with Dell.”
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Re: DellPrecision T5600 bad memory report

Hello bmcowboy


thanks to your interest for my anwser.

I think you don't understand the issue.

You've made a mistake with your anwser : 4 memories sticks work well with 2 cpu, even 2 memories sticks.

Let us suppose that you say the truth, why computer report 0 GB ?

That is my question.

It's first time i'm seeing this  

whether or not I put the memory in slot 2 or 4 of CPU 2, that report 0 GB.



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