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In search of a budget friendly graphics card for T3500

I have purchased this workstation from eBay. It is not expected to be a gaming rig or any sort of high demand graphics interface, yet I want it to output to a 22 inch DVI monitor, as well as to a 4K TV through HDMI. 

The refurb store put a P-O-S Radeon HD 2400 pro card into the chasis and loaded Win 7 as OS. As you can imagine, this card is/was good for vista and nothing after that. Now, all I see is a screen with red(&tones) pixels on white as well as green pixels on dark regions. Tried many different things with catalyst control center app but can not find a satisfactory solution.

So, I am in need of a budget friendly (sub $100 and cheaper the better) graphics adapter. Since I haven't dealt with desktop PC build for the past 15 or so years, my compatibility knowledge is near non-existent.

All I want to do is to output my PC screen to a 4K TV at times or to a 1080P 22 inch Envision brand monitor, thru HDMI or DVI ports respectively, not necessarily at the same time.

I was browsing the and came across this card and was wondering if it would work for me:

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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Hi @TheOnlyMel,

In order to connect with a 4K TV with native resolution, you need a GPU with at least 3840x2160.


G310 Specificationsmaximum resolution at 2560x1600, i.e. cannot reach to 4K native resolution.

Take a look on modern new GPU like Gefore GT 1030, pricing at US$7X~$9X.

GT 1030 Specifications: Maximum Digital Resolution - 7680x4320@60Hz. Most of those listed in Amazon support digital max resolution up to 4096x2160 on HDMI connection, i.e. good enough for 4K display.

And for compatibility, GT 1030 should be fine with T3500. Here's a video showing how the combination performs.

Last point to concern: PSU. GT 1030 minimum recommended system power at 300w. If your T3500 comes with the original 525w stock PSU, it's more than OK.

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I concur that the GT 1030 would be adequate for displaying output on a 4k tv. There will be lags and frame rate drops depending on its usage however. Are you looking to play video or just statically display slides or software of some kind?


Does your T3500 have a supplemental 6-pin power connector? If so, you can find a used GTX 1060 3gb for roughly $100-120.

Or if you don't have an adequate power supply, you could find a GTX 1050 or 1050Ti for your budget. You might also want to look for a previous generation GTX 960 or 970.

Or if you want AMD, you can do with an RX470, those should be around your price point. You may end up with an ex-mining card, but it doesn't really matter if you're not doing much with the card. Some folks find this to be a gamble though, so bear that in mind.


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Search some other website. Amazon or ebay In Quadro K2000, P600

In Geforce, GTX750 etc

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AMD FirePro W2100 will do 4k and you can find them used for ~$30. This card has dual display port outputs.

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