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PCIe training error on Precision T7610

Hi , 

My computer was not able to boot and I got two errors during the diagnostic

1) Fail PSA V4230 Error 2000:8170

PCIe training error PCI tag-0300 VendorID-10DE DeviceID11BA SVid-10DE SDid-0965

Bus 03 : Link Degraded, maxWidth = x16, negotiatedWidth = x8


2) Fail PSA V4230 Error 2000:0150. Hard Drive - No Hard Drive detected or disk comtroller not supported


The failing HDD is the one with the OS. Its storage capacity is 2TB. I replaced it with a 4TB one that I had, was able to install a new OS on it, but the computer sees it as being only 2TB, and can't see the 3 other 2TB that are mounted. I thought the problem was with handling the 4TB so I bought the exact same 2TB as before. After changing for this new HDD, the error 2 disappears but the 1 remains and I can't install a new OS, the installing program just wont see the new HDD.

I also tried opening the computer, dusting it and I verified that all the connections were OK. They were and the problem remains.

At this point I don't really know what I am doing, and I'm afraid the problem is on the side of the motherboard itself.

Do someone has an idea of what is going on? 

I'll be happy to provide any needed additional information if someone can help.

Thanks a lot 



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Re: PCIe training error on Precision T7610

One of the following links may help out.



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