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PERC H310 on T5600

Hi all,

Question from me this time ^^"

When I figure out these days that SATA 3.0 interface port on T5600 motherboard actually stuck to maximum speed at 3GB/s (no, not 6GB/s, and yeah I also wonder why it still claimed as SATA 3.0 interface on the user manual...), I'm looking for an add-in PCIe card for real SATA III at 6GB/s. Since T5600 packaged with PERC H310 as it's original recommendations, I try to look at H310's detail spec. And when I do the 1st search on Google...


Well yeah... sounds no good huh!? 

Anyone here with experience on H310? Not reliable?

Or, if I just need to connect 4 internal SATA/SSD hard drive and no SAS or RAID needed., would it be better/cheaper to have a PCIe SATA AIC like this?

Thanks in advance.

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