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Prec 7810 Need to add Thunderbolt- new MB?

Need to add TB support 2/3 etc.. to my Prec 7810. When I bought it I thought it had TB support- it does not. And confusion reigns over the supposed add in TB card which needs the TB header on MB.

SO can I upgrade the motherboard to a 7810 MB with TB header onboard? Can I use something else? 

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EDIT- this is an XPS 8930 sorry not prec 7810, that was an older machine i had.



Where do I plug it in on the motherboard? It needs a TB header no? (this is an XPS 8930)


@jw709 , if you follow the link to the product, you will see this thunderbolt card has been tested and validated on the XPS 8930.  No need for motherboard header.  Read the latest review, about couple week ago was also from an XPS owner.

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