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Precision 3630 memory upgrade

I have a Precision 3630 Workstation with 16GB memory installed by Dell. Service Tag <Service tag removed>. I would like to add 16GB more.

I have a 16GB pair (2x8GB) Corsair LPX memory modules p/n CMK 16GX4M2A2666C 16. Will they work? I just want to be sure before I plug them in and risk messing up my computer.

They are DDR4 2666MHz PC4-21300, as are the two HMA81GU6CJR8N-VK Huyandai modules that came in the computer.

TIA, Ray

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Re: Precision 3630 memory upgrade

50/50 chance they will work.  Mixing brands of memory, even with same spec's, is a hit or miss.  Not just Dell's, I have a home built desktop (for my recording studio) using an ASUS motherboard.  I have 16GB of Corsair memory and 16GB of GSkill memory (same specs).  Either the Corsair or GSkill will work OK but with both installed it will not boot. 

Give it a try and if works you lucked out. If not, it will require all the same brand/type memory. 

BTW, the Workstation section of the forum is the correct forum section for Precisions.


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