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Precision 3630 missing bios settings (Intel AMT/ MEBX menu)

I am looking at disabling Intel Active Management (Intel AMT) on my Precision 3630 Tower however the setting seems to be missing in BIOS (I am currently running the latest Bios version 2.16.0). Ignoring the Bios option it also looks like Intel AMT can be disabled via the MEBx menu however to enable booting into the MEBx menu you have to select an option under the missing Intel AMT BIOS setting so I am stuck in a loop.

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it's possible that you have an unit with AMT disabled from the factory, or that your cpu doesn't include vPro. 

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You have to modify MEBx option under Post behavior category in BIOS settings to enable relevant (Ctrl+I or Ctrl+P) hotkey menu (I'm not sure if it's also available via F12 during boot) ... or perhaps somewhere under "boot option keys" (but on precision models it should allow you to configure {enable/disable} each feature individually).

Also it's possible to check whether AMT web interface is available (normally if it's not then AMT is disabled, or even it says right away what it's disabled and there's no login screen just a landing page with only this notification) .. unless it's re-configured/redirected on specific IP{or FQDN}/Port of course (then you might be just knocking a wrong door), but this part is mostly about ME features.

I've bought second-hand unit a while ago and it came with ME/AMT disabled but after CMOS reset and BIOS upgrade (can't remember sequence because it happened without my intention) it came up and allowed me to configure it (realized it after some time).

VPro/ME/AMT are corelated and co-integrated technologies but if I remember correctly absence of VPro (e.g. support by CPU) doesn't necessarily mean what some AMT components shouldn't be available.

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Thank you for the reply. After attempting your suggestions everything is pointing towards Intel AMT already being disabled on the desktop. I have no options in the latest BIOS to enable the MEBx hotkey and it appears to be disabled because I am not able to boot into the menu using Ctrl+I, Ctrl+P or Ctrl+M (which I found was another possible hotkey online).

Having said that this PC is actually part of my work network and Intel AMT being enabled on that exact PC came up as part of our weekly vulnerability checks the last two weeks in a row so I know it is somehow enabled on that device.


There is a sticker on the case panel.  Code 3 =  disable (from factory)

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