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Precision 3660 - Noise Levels

Hi All,

Newbie here and trying to find out if anyone has a Precision 3660 Tower with either the standard cooling or if it makes a massive difference to noise levels the liquid cooling.  I have reached out to Dell who do not have details on the noise levels which this machines produces. It is for home use and while a low level of noise would be ok, I am concerned that this my be noisy.

I am used to having an HP workstation at work (a long time ago) and it was very noisy and would be noticeable at home.

So was wondering if anyone had purchased this and could comment on the noise level. Dell suggested using the liquid cooling option as a way to make the system run cooler and hence quieter so anyone with this experience it would also be grateful for suggestions. 

I don't think the machine would be maxed out all the time and therefore, noise a idle and under an average load would be nice to understand.

Many thanks


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Hy Steven,

I´ve a 3660 16 core with watercooling...under full load it´s also extreme noisy.
IMO the 120mm Watercooling Radiator is way to small for a 240W CPU.
And, there´s no Bios fan settings available.

regards from germany


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Thanks lightpixel this video is amazingly useful. Its a bit too noisy for my liking.

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I have purchased 3 of this Workstations for work.

2x 3660 with 125W Tower Cooler and 1x 3460.

All 3 Computers are annoying and noisy under no load (Windows Desktop or Work & Outlook). 

The 3660 CPU Tower Cooler has a 120mm AVC FAN
The 3460 SFF Low Profile FAN has a smaller AVC Fan

There is no option to lower the 3 FAN´s (upper, lower front fan and the rear fan in bios)

All i can says to this models.

The FAN´s that Dell selected are of low quality and not optimized for air flow.

All fans have a slight rattle of the fan and it´s annoing.

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I have the 3660 with water cooling and a T600 video card. It's very noisy and I'm super disappointed with the product because of that. Totally unacceptable. I tried to return it right after I purchased it, but Dell refused as it was a corporate order. I'd stay clear and go for a mac which tend to have better thermal maangement.

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