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Precision 5820 NVME Issues

I have a Precision 5820 System that for about a year has worked fine.   I added to it a "ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 PCIe 4.0 X4 Expansion Card Supports 4 NVMe" card with 3 NVME's  Made my first NVME so it was bootable with my Windows 10 configuration.   I has worked great with all my SSDs and all 3 of my NVME's for about a year.  About a month ago the NVME drives stopped working and it reverted back to the original SSD from factory to boot as it was still original.   I found that moving the Asus Card from slot 5 to slot 4 that the NVME's would show up again.   Dell Support determined it must be slot 5 has issue so they sent out a tech to replace the motherboard. Now have a new motherboard in the server and now only 1 NVME will show up.  I even got another PCIE/ NVME adapter card and put one of NVME's in but still only shows the initial NVME drive.   I have tried to downgrade the bios and it will do the main bios but always fails when doing the "ME Firmwra EndUpdate "  part.   I have played with  a variety of BIOS settings to even get the 1 NVME to show up and boot via UEFI boot.   Not sure what to do but suspect it is a BIOS setting somewhere to all the rest of NVME's to show up.   Advice would be appreciated as been playing with this for two days since motherboard replacement.

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to me sounds like a faulty replacement part (the fact that the slot is not showing all the nvme, and the fact that the bios flashing doesn't work as it should), so I would discuss about having it exchanged again

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A little more clarification can help to see how your system was setup and narrow down the issue better.  So you have been running your system with 2 bootable drives the whole times.  Was the original is NVMe in the flexbay?  

Which slot do you consider slot 5?  The official slot 5 is wired as x4, so it would only see 1 NVMe drive.  Here is the description of the slots order:

  1. Slot 6 PCI
  2. Slot 5 PCIe x16 wired as x4
  3. Slot 4 PCIe x16
  4. Slot 3 PCIe x16 wired as x1
  5. Slot 2 PCIe x16
  6. Slot 1 PCIe x16 wired as x8
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