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Precision 5820 no DELL splash on start

Hi everbody I have a brand new 5820 DELL precision workstation and I changed the bios setting from UEFI to Legacy to be abble to boot from a USB key. Now When I start the machine I can not see the DELL splash screen and I can not enter again in the bios setting even if I hit F2 ou F12 Is there anybody can help me with this issue please ? thank you
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I don't know if an answer for that will come here or not.  If it does, that's fine too.  On new and in warranty products, the best bet is to open a ticket.  Use the "Contact Support" link below this post.  You'll get the best and timely service that way.  This forum is mainly user to user for out of warranty stuff.

This certainly doesn't mean you can't use this forum if needed or still needed.

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- If you have an Optiplex, stating its model number AND size speeds up troubleshooting. Components vary.

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I'm a big fan of Dell, a Dell user, and not an employee. This forum is user to user with occasional assistance by other Rockstars or Dell employees.


Hi bradthetechnut Thank you for your reply. I have figured out this issue by removing my third party video card from the PCIe Slot. After that, the station started as usual with the DELL Splash. best
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