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Precision Precision 5720 randomly rebooting

We have purchased a Precision 5720 All in One workstation for about 3 months.  It has Xeon CPU with ECC memory.  However, it randomly reboot once a while.  Anyone has similar issue?  How to resolve the problem?


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Re: Precision Precision 5720 randomly rebooting

Hi Cliff,

For the best and timely service on your new or in warranty Dell products, please contact Dell Support direct using the "Contact Support" link below this post.

Hopefully it's not a common issue; but if it is an issue that needs to be escalated, it has a better chance of going to someone with authority.

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I'm a big fan of Dell, a Dell user, and not an employee. This forum is mainly user to user with occasional moderation or additional knowledge by a Rockstar or Dell employee.
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