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Precision R7610 BIOS A17: Intel Microcode 0x710?

Release notes for R7610 A17 BIOS state that the Meltdown and Spectre-related microcode has been updated.

In Windows Server PowerShell I can see that Meltdown and Spectre mitigations are not in A17 BIOS.

Intel microcode update that covers latest vulnerabilities is 0x714, but R7160 with dual E5-2665 Xeons loads 0x710 microcode, according to CPU-Z.

Could you re-release BIOS or supply step-by-step how to slip-stream new microcode into A17?

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Re: Precision R7610 BIOS A17: Intel Microcode 0x710?

The Dell Community forum doesn't have control over BIOS releases or its microcode.  For the best and timely service on this issue, use the "Contact Support" link below this post.  You'll be able contact by phone, chat, or email Dell Support directly, with phone or chat being the fastest.

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