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Precision T3400 Memory Upgrade

I'm interested in going from 4GB to 8GB ram.  Currently have 4 1GB 2Rx8 PC2-6400E sticks (1GB,800,128X72,8,240,2RX8).  What should ram should I purchase for this machine?

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Changes since production:

  • OS Win 10 Pro 1909
  • 500GB SSD HD
  • Added 1TB second drive for storage



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Crucial has the most compatible RAM for Dell systems. That information here. And make sure you go to 4 x 2 GB RAM modules for best compatibility.

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Are there any 4GB Modules available?  ECC or regular?

I know that FBDIMMs will not fit.  Actually found some cheap DDR2 4GB ECC FBDIMMs.




Crucial did not have 4GB modules in the old DDR2.

Found 4 GB DDR2-800 in Non-ECC and ECC at Memorystock and ordered some.


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