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Precision T3400 boot with PCIEx4 NVMe?

Has anyone tried putting in a PCIEx4 card with NVMe card in a Precision T3400?  Tried to boot with it if so?

Will probably just set up a couple of SATA 1TB SSDs in a RAID1, but I have an extra NVMe card (upgraded to a larger one) and was thinking about trying it.

This is my son-in-law's old T3400 and we are fixing it up for his nephew.


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Found out more information that this would never be able to boot.

Fixup on the computer going fine.  upgraded from GTX550 to GTX660 - +130%

I read up on something that said that the TP412 MB could run a Q9650, so I'll try that as an upgrade from the Q6700.  They are both 95W CPUs.

Am able to use an old PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse with this system.

Ordered a Teac CA-400 and cable to add a media card.


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