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[Precision T3600] Unable To Install Windows 7. Problem With H310 RAID Drivers.


Hope everyone is doing well.

I have a question for the community. I have just received 3 Dell Precision T3600 workstations on which I was asked to install a new copy of Windows 7. Those machines have Perc H310 cards fitted into them with 1TB WD HDD connected into the A port of the RAID card.

When I try to install Windows 7 64-bit, the installer asks me to load drivers for the RAID card. I downloaded them from Dell's official website and even though they seem like correct drivers (Windows 7 64-bit, Perc H310), none of the computers is able to recognise them and the system installation can not proceed.

All three RAID cards have been configured in the BIOS, each one of them was initialised (using the normal init process, not the fast one). All disks are detected by the RAID cards too.

I've seen many suggestions on how to possibly solve this. One user suggested to install 32-bit version of the drivers (which I have tried with no success). I've tried to install the drivers through the command prompt using 'drvload' command- again, no success.

I have also tried using Windows PE to recover an image of the machine that was given to me, but when it asks me for a driver I get a message telling me about incorrect ClassGUID every time I load it- which may be where the problem lies but I was unable to find any information on this issue online.

This happens on all 3 machines so I doubt this is a hardware related issue, especially that one of the RAID cards has recently been replaced with a brand new one (the same model).

I'm all out of ideas now having spent all day today and yesterday trying to fix it with no success. Is there anything else I can do at this point? Am I missing something? I'd be very grateful if somebody could help out.

Thank you!

Kind regards