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Precision T5810 GTX 1060 6GB

Ive been thinking about upgrading my K2200 gpu to a GTX 1060, I believe my current psu is 485W, also, what type of power connector will I need for the 1060? The pcie slot only provides 75W.

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Hi @Polis Putrus,

GTX 1060 default power consumption at 120w and may rise up to ~14Xw under OC mode, with a 6pin power socket. It should be fine with your 485w PSU. Check on the power distrubtion board which the PSU connected to and see if any 6pin PCIe power cable available. You may refer to this thread for detailed PSU information of T5810.

However, will you consider RTX 2060 instead? Cost difference at ~US$100 but much more powerful than 1060.

“May the Force be with Dell.”

Sorry but I found a GTX 1060 for $160, and couldnt find a RTX 1060 for under 300 + Im mostly just playing fortnite, I can currently play it at 144 solid on my new monitor, but sometimes it goes down to 60-90fps, but I want solid 144 (current gpu k2200), and I think the GTX 1060 will be enough.(Ive already convinced my mom to spend too much on upgrades, so Im gona stick with the cheap GTX 1060 I found) So the psu provides a 8 pin power connector and the 1060, specifically 824142134917, as you can see on the top right of the image, the gpu has a 6 pin power connection will this wire work, the 8 pin part connecting to the psu and the 6 pin part connecting to the gpu. Thanks

Hi @Polis Putrus,

Pay attention to the description dude: 

"selling as used but all cards are like new with very very minimum use. Open box lot"

It's a second handed GPU. I personally do not recommend people using 2nd handed GPU co'z you never know how much the card experienced before, no matter what the seller's description is. My concept of "99.99% new" may not equal to yours. What's worst, 2nd handed GPU can be packed decently even if it came from a virtual coins mining machine actually.

US$160? No, too expensive. How about I sell you one at US$100 with shipping included? Co'z I can get one from Mainland China at around US$30 and I promise to pack it as decent as a new one.


For power connection, T5810 comes with 6pin PCIe power cable by default. Better open the case of your machine and check it physically.

Last but not the least. Despite asking your mom for what you want, try to find out what she wants and needs. I bet she'll then love you and kiss you at a 1,000fps+ frame rate, much higher performance than a RTX 2080 Ti.

Good luck.

“May the Force be with Dell.”

Thanks so much, but how will I get it and how will I pay, I cant let my mom know Ive been asking about this, she will think Ive been wasting my time, instead of doing homework or some dumb reason, is there a way you can post it on Ebay? So she can purchase it from there? Also those 1060s in the pics, are you sure the're taken care of? They're stacked on top of eachother, meaning they have so much that they dont mind if something happens to one, for example if one were to fall over, they'd probably just pick it up and put it on top and never mention it, all I want to know is are they taken care of? also if you were to get one can you get one that is or looks similar to this one. Also this one seems good, what do you think its located in Sacramento California pretty close to me, Also what about this, and this one is is shiny new, and this, sorry if Im asking too much. Thanks (i edited many times so please re read)

You totally went to a wrong direction, dude...

I don't know how to explain to you that I was just trying to quot an example and let you know the reason why it doesn't worth to buy a 2nd-handed GPU, and I have nothing to sell at all (Never thought that I have to type it out...).

Don't worry. Just tell everything to your mom. She won't think that you're wasting your time. She'll understand you're only wasting my time, not yours.

OK, my fault, I'm done. Good luck.

“May the Force be with Dell.”

Im very sorry for wasting your time, Thanks tho.

To put a 1060 in my T5810 would i just need to install it and then install the drivers?

Hi ACshAdow,


Kindly share the system service tag to check and assist you further.^PC



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