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Precision T7610 USB 3.0 Not Working Win10 x64 Install

I recently picked up a refurbished Precision T7610. Installed Win10 x64. The problem is the USB 3.0 ports both rear and the one on the front panel do not work. Plug a USB drive that is USB 3.0 and tried a USB 2.0 drive both have lights to show that it is getting power but on any of the USB 3.0 ports the system doesn't recognize anything plugged in.

I checked cabling and its fine. Win 10 is supposed to have USB 3.0 native drivers. The Dell support site is no help. No firmware/driver information for USB 3.0 on this motherboard.


Latest BIOS A17 installed

USB 3.0 enabled in BIOS

All latest Windows 10 updates installed

Dell check for driver updates says I have all the latest drivers.

Device Manager doesn't mention any USB 3.0 host controllers that I can see.


Reaching out to the community for help. Anyone know how to fix this?


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Hi @bbogedin,

Seems like Intel C602 chipset driver not installed. Try to find it from Intel site.

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Could you please re-post in the Precision section?  Menu > Workstations > Precision Fixed Workstations

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@bradthetechnut Thanks I couldn't find the Workstation threads that's why I posted here what I thought was the next closest thing for Optiplex.

I reposted my request here


@bmcowboy Thanks let me see if I can find it.. why doesn't the dell support page have this ?


Same problem happened to my T5600 in Intel C600 chipset before. Both C600 and C602 where not designed to be running on Win10. When you check on Intel Server Chipset driver for Win10, C60X were not included as supported chipset. That's why you can't find it from Dell support page as well.

Alternatively you can install this: Intel Server Chipset driver for Win7 which also works on Win10.

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Unfortunately that didn't work. I installed it but nothing is recognized as plugged into any of the usb 3.0 ports. And nothing shows in Device manager for the USB 3.0 host. See my other post that has screenshots. What does yours look like?

I have the same issue after Updating my bios From A10 to A18 Directly. All 04 USB 3 Ports not working.

Though they are providing power to Charge phone or mouse lights. but even Mouse isnt working in BIOS, DOS or in Windows Envoirnment.

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