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Size of ups power supply

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Hello !

We just had the power fail and this time it went on and off about 6 times in a 5 minute period. Then it went off for about 2 hours.  This is the 5 th time this has happened in the last 18 months.  So I am wondering if anyone has a ball park figure for an ups for a T3500  with all stock insides except 750ti video and 850w power supply.  Also need to plug in a 24in flat screen monitor.

Wondering if a 300 watter would give enough time for proper shut down or maybe 450 watter ?

I have no clue where to start.


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Re: Size of ups power supply

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Hi @jfmy787 ,

It may be quite difficult to find a ball park figure for a specific workstation on power consumption. Instead, you may use UPS calculator like those from APC and Eaton to locate what you need. Simply key in list of devices to be connected, then it will show you recommended UPS with run-time values. Then you can customize the run-time value to narrow down your choices.



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