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T1650 Cyclic 9 beeps sounds


Anyone can advise what is wrong with my Precision T1650 computer?

After startup, it gives slow 9 beeps, then stop for about 50sec, after that continue 9 beeps.  It repeats until shutdown.  At the same time, I can still use the the computer like normal, except that start up is quite long.

All fans are working correctly.  Memory cards and motherboard also being replaced and they had been tested good on other computer.

Thanks in advance


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Are you having any other problems such as the time or date incorrect or the HDD/SSD not detected intermittently? The point being that at the age of your system it is possible the CMOS battery is weak and needs replacement with a brand new battery. If you do replace the battery make sure you leave the battery out of the system for 15 minutes before installing the new one. Also run diagnostics, F12 at boot, to confirm that you do not have other problems such as the system drive.

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