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T3500 can be imaged with 1709 but not 1803?

I have run into a strange issue with Dell Precision T3500 workstations. If I try to install Windows 10 Build 1803, the system will image. however right after logging in the PC will lock up (keyboard and mouse completely dead, cannot RDP in either). If I image the PC with windows 10 Build 1709, then upgrade the PC to 1803, it works just fine. (Both task sequences use the same drivers package for the T3500, And all have been updated to the most recent version of BIOS)

I have reproduced this on 3 different T3500's all having the same result. I have also image every other model I have in the lab with the Win 10 1803 image and they all work fine. 

Any one have any ideas as to what could be causing this?

As stated, I am able to upgrade to 1803 and everything works fine, so it is not as if I cannot function. I just fail to understand what is happening and it would be very helpful to be able to image these workstations initially with the 1803 build. 

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