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T3600 and RTX 3050



I am considering putting a RTX 3050 inside my oldish workstation. I plan to use it for CUDA rendering in Blender, so I am not afraid that the CPU (E5-1650 v1) would bottleneck too much.
What I am worried about is power. I have a 635W PSU that has two 6-pin connectors from the VGA2 slot. (the VGA2 is actually a single 8-pin but female - cant find matching cables). The card has a single 8-pin input.

So I am thinking if the best solution is a 2x6-pin to 8-pin converter (should be able to find those).
The card itself is 130TDP (similar to the CPU).
Also found one that is only 110mm wide, so should fit the case.

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Your power supply should be plenty enough power for the RTX 3050 as the 2x 6-pin cable alone can provide 150w.  While there is a 10-pin to 8-pin cable DP/N 03H4HG for your workstation, it's a hard to find item, so a 2x6 to 8 adapter should work for you.


Thanks, I will probably give it a try then

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In case anybody else would wonder - it works with no problems. Only my card has the power connector at the exact spot where the internal handle is (so I have to remove it, despite the card being slim enough)
2x6-pin to 8-pin works fine.

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How did you remove the handle? I have a T3610 and my RTX 2060S PNY blower card doesn't fit because of the connector, I'd have to cut off the metal piece that contains the mechanism

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Hi, I haven't yet. But I've seen a video on YT where they simply drill a bit the rivets (with a small drill bit like 3mm or so). So I am planning to try that.


Yeap, drilling did the trick. Only I was not too careful and three times went all the way through (but it's better for the ventilation right ?

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