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T5500 no boot

Good Morning,


i have just got myself a T5500 after owning a T3400 for years....

Anyway after first plugging the T5500 in it all powered up but with an error on screen saying chip-set 2 fan in-op, 

(unit was very dusty and stood for a while) i stripped and cleaned and all worked ok when started up..

Now because it had been stood i decided to check for updates and it came up with a bios A11 update so went ahead, then nothing, it just sat there with all fans working number 3 &4 soild and no power to screen, mouse and keyboard, can anyone give me an idea as i have tried everything ie. battery removed replaced jumpers etc etc..

thanks in advance

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Mary G
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Re: T5500 no boot

Make sure you replaced the cmos battery, not just removed and reinstalled it. Any computer that has been unused for awhile needs a new battery. 

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