T7500 front CPU running hotter

Been using this fine precision workhorse for many years using Win 7 Ultimate 64b.  Upgraded to 2 TB SSD, and dual W7000 graphics and it is a total performer.  

But, the front CPU is running hot and I would like to install an OEM fan. I saw that the Cooler Master MA621P seen here: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/cooler-master-masterair-ma621p-threadripper-air-cooler,5664.htm...
would be a good fan to use. It looks like it would fit, but I have no way of knowing. Can you tell me it this fan or some other fan would be good for my T7500 with dual Xenon CPUs? Thanks much. I have many machine --- all Dell. Go Dell ---- the best PCs ever!

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Re: T7500 front CPU running hotter

Are you running with the taller Aluminum with Copper Heatpipe heatsink on the mainboard CPU, or the smaller Aluminum Only heatsink with a V-shaped cutout in the middle? (not related to if an aftermarket solution would fit, but directly related to heat dissipation with higher end CPUs...)



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