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T7500 - maximum upgrade capable options

As a programmer and a engineer @ BSc level at University of Bolton.  I may be thinking of buying a Dell T7500 from "Bargin Hardware"

Hard Drives

The current configfuration for hard drives are 14TB (7x 2TB)  max

Once I upgrade the BIOS what is the maximum hard drive capacity "i can install into a T7500".       3 or 4TB

Video Cards

The current configfuration for the Video Cards are Nvidia Quadro 2000.

What is the maximum Video Card Compatibility for that model.

What are the addons available to enhance the t7500

This gives me the opportunity to turn the workstation into a server from a client computer

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Re: T7500 - maximum upgrade capable options

Precision T7500 Spec Sheet

Also, if you're interested, you'll find the user's manual by Googling it.  Use the options that take you to the Dell site or download from Dell site.

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