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T7600 no fan control

I picked up a used T7600 as a "project".  Flashed the latest (A16) BIOS.  Installed Win10 Pro.

Installed what I _think_ is the correct chipset driver (any pointers as to which the latest one is that might work with Win10 gets extra points! 😉 ).

None of the fans were working "automatically".  (BIOS fan setting is Auto)

Installed SpeedFan and I can control all of the fans - HOWEVER, they're all acting like they are 3-pin fans!  That is, there is extremely "coarse" control over their speed...basically 50% and 100% from what I can tell.

These all look to be PWM fans (and SpeedFan thinks they are too), so it should be capable of way more granular control of their speeds.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to fix this?  Different chipset driver?  Is the latest BIOS "broken" (I think I've actually seen that before with another Dell)?

Appreciate any help I can get.  Happy to test and tinker with it before I get it loaded for work.


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Re: T7600 no fan control

I am not sure this will lead you in the right direction but the following post is an old one but does have quite a bit of information that may help.


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Re: T7600 no fan control

May be downloading HWiNFO64 will help?  I think it has more brownie points than SpeedFan.:Smile:  Seriously, it's worked for others when much or all else failed.  It beats rolling back BIOS and risking security issues.

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