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Upgrading CPU cooler on Precision 5820



Have an engineer at my place of work who's just jamming the 10980xe in his precision 5820, and it overheats and lags up his workloads due to thermal throttling. I bought a Noctua NH-U92 as it's compatible with the cpu socket, but the actual bracket it came with for this socket won't work with the dell mobo. Dimensions wise everything fits just fine. If anyone has any ideas of a bracket I could use to get this to work, I'd appreciate the info.

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The NOCTUA NH-U9DX i4 fits straight out of the box.

Noctua.JPGI've been using it for a couple of months with my i7 9800X (TDP: 165W). It only works with one fan because I don't need the other one at all. It has not yet happened in my workflow that the CPU fan accelerates above idle speed on this cooling.

Below is also a photo where it is compared to the stock heatsink. The heat dissipation area of the original Dell cooling is small, to say the least (especially in the case of very efficient processors).

noctua vs stock.JPG

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Before buying the cooler, it is best to check whether the back plate and screws of the main-board are suitable for installation.
My old Dell computer just had to modify the interface screws to install the NOCTUA cooler.

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