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dell precision t7610 no video led 1,2,3 on

My dell precision t7610 gives no picture what do ever. The fans start spinning the leds start flashing and after some while then numbers 1,2 and 3 burn.
Pulled the second processor and memory but I still do not get any picture and or bios screen.
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If the power button is white, 1-2-3 LEDs indicate "routine system activity subsequent to video initialization"

Basically, that there is no video output. Do you have another video card you can try?

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I have same issue, but with T5610, I changed video card, still not works, I will try to find third video card to have a try, but I suspect it is not a video card problem.

Before I have this problem, I changed RAID mode to AHCI mode and do a power cycle.

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