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I have a Mobile Precision 7520 with the UltraSharp FHD display panel.

Is it possible to send the laptop back into Dell to have that display panel upgraded to the UHD display panel, including whatever new back is needed, and with the remainder of the Dell warranty intact?

I don't have a touch-screen display, so that incompatibility isn't an issue.

If I can't send the PC back to Dell, is there anyone else, like, that could possibly do this work and keep the warranty intact?

Or can this be arranged as a Dell Onsite service, like a warranty service?

My display shows a little bit of "artifacting" after a darker image, like my desktop background, has been showing for a little while.  It always goes away after switching into another program, or the next time I turn off the PC (with Hibernate, full power-off, or with a restart), and I haven't had the chance to call for service on it--it's not that big of an issue, and I have three more years of ProSupport warranty remaining.  But it might be nice to have that upgraded display, if it's possible, even if it'll cost a few hundred dollars, if the computer would have to come apart anyway.

If the lower base of the computer would need to be replaced, as well, I might have one with the fingerprint reader swapped-out.

Can any of this be arranged through Dell?

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