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Adjust Keyboard back light Timeout on Precision laptops--BIOS

A web search revealed that this now read only link is the answer that Dell wants everyone to turn to in order to change your keyboard back light timeout.

I think that the advice given there is wrong--at least for Precision laptops running Windows 10.

This Dell link says that you must change the keyboard back light timeout in BIOS. I have done that on my new 7530, and it works.

Before I stumbled across that link to modify my BIOS, I tried the advice in that first link.  Namely, I installed the Dell Feature Enhancement Pack from here.  I then opened the Keyboard Control Panel, clicked on the Backlight tab, and tried to select the 5 minute option. That failed to work. So, I uninstalled the Dell Feature Enhancement Pack.  I am not surprised that it failed to work, since it is really old software that is not listed as working with either my laptop or my operating system (Windows 10).

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Re: Adjust Keyboard back light Timeout on Precision laptops--BIOS

Problem is older Dell laptops may not have a setting for keyboard backlight timeout in the BIOS menu.

For a Dell laptop with no other options, I posted a tutorial on how to change the keyboard backlight timeout with currently available software elsewhere on Dell's Forums here.  This was for a Dell XPS 15 9550, but will probably work with any Dell laptop.  This should work, for example, with a Dell Precision 5510 - which is pretty much the same machine as a XPS 15 9550.  (Dell Command and Configure might also work with the Precision series, but I was unable to get --KbdBacklightTimeoutAc or --KbdBacklightTimeoutBatt BIOS options to work with the XPS 15 9550.)

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