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Automatic Repair Loop (blue screen)

Hey guys,

I have this kinda frustrating problem . I have precision 5750 and  after I updated drivers throught dell support assistant I experienced weird error for example in Doom Eternal (failed to allocate video memory) which was weird - before I was playing butter smooth . I couldnt really run any game on my laptop screen - but when I plus external monitor I could play there. But most of the time I have only my laptop with me So I decided to run recovery point before the driver installation. After that I noticed little freezes in windows when I was watching 4k video or so and than my laptop goes to blue screen to “automatic repair” loop screen.

That wouldnt be a problem - but I tried every option available there - nothing gets me anywhere . It always ended up in the loop . I wanted to go to safe mode - with no succes. I tried to run recovery point throught advanced option - cant click on the next (its greyed) - so I tried to run recovery point through command prompt (which the only thing I can run) and it gives me system restore failed message (0x80070002) 


Since the only thing I can run is command prompt Ive tried to run I guess every known command for repair or diagnostics but everytime is either acces denied or other failure.


Its really frustration because the laptop is new, and really cant see any reason why this should act this damaged . 

Anybody experienced something like this ? I would like to try to solve this other way than reinstall win , really want to find out what caused this failure on brand new high end professional dell laptop .


thank you very much 

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