Battery Drain When Precision 7730 is Plugged In

Hello there. I have had my Precision 7730 with an i7 8850h, P4200, and 4K screen for around 7 months now and am pleased as punch but a problem I have noticed out of the blue has occurred. Normally I work in 3D modeling and Animation Programs like Maya, Blender, Substance Painter, and Zbrush with the task bar hidden so that the problem went unnoticed all this time but after gaming for a bit on Team Fortress 2, a hardly demanding game, I found that my battery had drained to about 80%. Something that had gone unnoticed due to the aforementioned task bar being hidden most of the time.

 I began running some tests in Blender Cycles, using both the GPU and CPU to render out some scenes in hybrid mode and lo'an'behold, my battery began to drain. I ran some Dell hardware tests, both online and off, and they came up green. A little bit of internet sleuthing seemed to suggest that I was sent the wrong power brick (the 240w) as people experienced a similar problem with the Alienware models that would only be fixed with the 330w brick; Otherwise the battery would drain to less than 80% and then throttle, shortening battery life. Could this be the issue or is something else at play, how do I find out?




 P.S. Another point I forgot to mention, that I chalked up to driver issues, is that the Witcher 2 would tank in frame-rate to the single digits after about an hour. During this, both my GPU and CPU would throttle hard. Something like 766MHZ for the CPU alone, according to HWMonitor, despite temps hovering around 80 degrees. I will play it and see if there is a correlation between the the battery drain and the game throttling. 

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Re: Battery Drain When Precision 7730 is Plugged In

Your power adapter is ... well .. under-powered.


For comparison, I've got 180Watt brick for my 7520 with Xeon 1545M v5 and Quadro M2200. I haven't ran CAD software on it yet (new laptop), but at work I've got same 180Watt adapter for 7520 with Xeon 1505M v6 with same M2200 that does fine over AutoCAD and Inventor (over good size 3D models).

The M2200 is a 55Watt TDP GPU though, while yours is what - 115Watt ?


Get more powerful adapter.

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