Bluetooth card for M4800


My M4800 currently has an Intel 633ANHMW WLAN card installed and it works fine.  However, I would like to add Bluetooth capability.  I couldn't find anything on the Dell website but I did find a card on ebay advertised as an OEM - Dell Precision M4800 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Card WLAN 802.11ad DR9J8.  The form factor looks correct and I was wondering if this is what I need and if it is merely a replacement for the current Intel card or if it is in addition to it.  The Bluetooth card also has three antenna connections but the third one appears to be a different type of connector than the third one on the current Intel card, so I'm wondering how/if it will work.  There are currently two unconnected wires in the computer that appear to have similar connectors on them and I was wondering if they are related to such an upgrade.  I can't find any documentation on the Dell website or the users manual about this.  I've also considered simply using a USB Bluetooth dongle instead but the reviews for all of these are mixed at best on Amazon so I thought maybe the Dell OEM Bluetooth card might be better.  If anyone has any information or opinions on any of this I'd appreciate it.  


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