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DELL PRECISION M6800 failed GFX card

I have a friend with an M6800 that has asked for some help with his "NVIDIA QUADRO K5100 w/8GB GDD R5" as he believes it has failed. I'm not overly up on Precision laptops, so I was wondering if someone could shine some light on the fault, if possible?....... Are these cards hard to source and fit/replace? Many thanks in advance. 



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Things to try:

Download and install the most recent Mobile Quadro driver directly from Nvidia?

More complicated option:

1. Disable Graphics switching inside of the System Bios.
2. Boot Laptop then follow troubleshooting path a. then b. if step a1 fails to show anything on screen.

a1. Dell Logo shows on screen and boots into Windows.
a2. Install Quadro Driver from Nvidia
a3. Check for errors in device manager and visualy check for graphic corruption or random dots drawn on screen.
a4. Run a graphically intense operation (Game or GPU benchmark)
a5. If any steps from a2-a4 fail, your GPU requires replacing

b1. Screen stays black on boot
b2. Check for error code. (Wifi, Power and HDD lights will show a pattern)
b3. Check Service manual for list of error codes.

If your GPU does not show anything on screen after disabling graphics switching, remove the AC Adapter, Battery and CMOS battery.  Press the power button several times to drain residual power in the system.  Wait 5 minutes and reconnect the removed components.
This will reset your Bios and re-activate graphics switching, allowing you to continue using the laptop with the Intel integrated video device.


Thank you very much James, for the very concise reply. Do you know how hard it is to replace the GFX card if its faulty? 




Hi, sorry to double post, but I was wondering if anyone else could assist with my questions? At a bit of a loss as to what to do, at the moment!

Many thanks in advance  


Replacing a laptop graphics card can be very tricky depending on your level of technical proficiency. Dell does have the service manual published online, so there is a step by step set of directions available. If you are hesitant or unsure of your abilities, you would probably be setter off having a computer shop perform the replacement for you (Do not use Geek Squad) Changing out a laptop GPU should not be your fist experience fixing computer hardware...

Thanks again, James. Do you know where I could get hold of a new GFX card from? 

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