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DELL service support - Precision M7510

DELL service - Precision M7510 I am writing because I am astonished at the attitude of the DELL service. Maybe my experience will be useful to someone. I am a customer from Poland. For 2 years I have Precision M7510 with Onsite Service After Remote Diagnosis guarantee. In addition, I have (in order of purchase): Latitude D830 (I used AUTOCAD intensively on it until the summer of this year), Studio 1749 all the time intensively used by the family, Inspirion 7510 used until today not very intensely. I bought DELL laptops because of the quality and service. During the warranty, only Inspirion did not break down, but repairs were instant indeed, which is a key factor for me. Latitude (10 years) and Precision (2 years) laptops worked 18 hours a day for the whole time, both in docking stations (important because I do not use a laptop keyboard) with an external monitor. It is obvious that I have recommended DELL laptops to all my friends, colleagues and family. I was happy to this summer. Motherboard in Precision has broken down. A serviceman with a new motherboard came quickly. First surprise: the serviceman brought a USED motherboard from the complaint which passed the check in the DELL repair service. I did not throw the serviceman out because I use the laptop for work and I do not have time to argue with DELL. The second surprise was when the keyboard was unscrewed. It turned out that there is a shortage of keyboard screws and the technician has no spare parts. I did not unscrew them, I bought the laptop in the original configuration, which came from DELL to the store (stationary), as if someone was digging around inside the laptop, would probably screw it back on. The whole keyboard shakes slightly, but since I do not use it, I gave up. After about 2 months, the "new used" motherboard stopped seeing one of the disks. It did not break down completely and irreversibly. After resetting the computer motherboard saw the disk again and nothing happened for 2 weeks. It was only after the 4th time I called the DELL. Because it stopped to see the disk, which was originally built-in, they kindly took into account the complaint. If it would stop seeing the drive I put in myself, the only solution would be to buy an M2 drive directly in DELL, connect it and re-claim the motherboard. I would become the owner of a disc I absolutely do not need. This time I pointed out that I want a "new new" motherboard and not a "new used" one and I asked to replace the missing screws. A serviceman arrived with "new used" and without screws. My hands have fallen down, but I gave up because I use the laptop for work and I do not have time to argue with DELL. I thought I would buy the screws myself. Buying screws: Last week I searched the internet, but buying screws is not easy, so I contacted the chat with DELL international support, but they did not know what the screws were in this model and they sent me back to the national service. I called the DELL Poland service, but they also do not know what are the screws for this particular laptop even after providing the service tag code. They also can not send a technician only to screws. The lady I talked to really wanted to help me, but it was the manager's decision. They offered me to pick up the laptop and send it to the DELL repair service. They guarantee that they will give me back my laptop in two weeks at the latest. My hands have fallen down, but I gave up because I use the laptop for work and I do not have time to argue with DELL about stupid screws. I am astonished that DELL exchanges parts for USED. Is it for savings? Is it so often they broke down that they can not afford new components? Supposedly this is good for the environment, but who will agree to a warranty repair of the car with the use of used spare parts? Really, DELL does not know what are the screws in a particular model? In 200 days my warranty expires and it looks like I will be left without screws and with the motherboard that is either repaired or "worked properly in the DELL repair service for some time". Thank you for reading.
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Re: DELL service support - Precision M7510

With respect to assembly / disassembly and the screws used, you can find the Dell Service Manual for your model by Googling. I hope you live near a hardware store. For example, in the states, I have found replacement screws for Dell computers that I have purchased used by visiting my local ACE Hardware Store.

Do not look at links pertaining to the "Owners Manual". Search for "Service Manual".


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