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Dell Precision 5560 + WD19S 4 Monitors Not Working


I'm trying to setup 4 monitors with my Dell Precision 5560 using a WD19S docking stations.  I'm following the external display connection guide , specifically the final example where the laptop display is disabled and 4 monitor are connected.  I followed the instructions to disable the laptop monitor and I've confirmed it isn't coming up.  3 monitors with and without laptop display do work.  However, as soon as I plug in the 4th monitor (into either the USB-C or HDMI port), the HDMI display drops out and I get a message in Windows from the Dell Power Manager shown below


When I reboot the computer, the BIOS also pops up the message below


In the intel graphics command center, I see this (1 is the laptop display, it's disabled)


Is there any way to get the 4th display up?  All drivers and firmware are up to date (including docking station).  My monitors are:

  • Asus VE278 (connected via DP)
  • Asus VE278 (connected via DP)
  • Dell U2415 (connected via USB-C to DP cable)
  • Dell E2420HS (connected via HDMI)


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