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Dell Precision 7530 + TB18DC + Ubuntu 16.04-18.04-18.10-19.04 == high PCH temeperature

Hello folks,


I have the setup mentioned in the subject. All firmware (TB, system BIOS, dock) is up to date, the problem presists with the factory default 16.04.

I have two DELL U2717D (2560x1440) connected to the dock one with HDMI one through mDP port.

If I connect my docking station the PCH temperature idles around 80 °C which makes the fans spinning with annoying noise. This renders the dock unusable for me because my colleauges cannot stand it's noise.

If I plug the same monitors and devices to the notebook directly the PCH temperature is much lower: idles around 60 °C.


The same setup remain cool with Windows 10.


I have found the following info which might be relevant:



It turns out that Windows also could be affected by this problem and it is related to the ASPM.


Here is my lspci -vvv output:



I can see that several devices has ASPM disabled (NVIDIA GPU, soundcard, wifi, and some of the PCH root hubs)


Can anyone give me some guidance about how should I move forward with the investigation?

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