Dell Precision M4700 with AMD Firepro M4000, Black screen and windows craches after driver install


I have a Dell Precision M4700 with a AMD Firepro M4000 grafics card that I'm having serious problems with.
On a Clean Windows 10 Pro install if I try to install any AMD graphics driver (tested the latest driver from AMD, from Dell and even the old HD7X00 driver) the screen go black and after a few minutes windows restarts and then keep rebooting after a few minutes in windows 10 (black screen though so can't see if there are any errors messages popping up).

I have tested reinstalling Windows 10 pro fresh about 8 times but no difference at all.

Windows Logs under system reports this:
DCOM got error "1084" attempting to start the service WSearch with arguments "Unavailable" in order to run the server:

Some other with precision laptops with Nvidia Qudro cards have had similar problems that they solved with a tool that edits some registry settings but I can't use that on this PC as it has a AMD card.

As long as I don't try and install a AMD driver the system is running fine for Days on end.

Update! I have run ePSA (4236.24) again after initial full scan and that time only on the GPU and then it did show a hardware error: Error-code: 2000-0332, Validation: 130136, Description: "PSA diagnostics detected a video memory failure. Please reset the system memory and update the BIOS to most current version."
Already using the latest BIOS A17 so I guess the GPU is faulty memory all of the sudden after years of use.
Have now taken out the AMD Firepro M4000 and it's running fine with the Intel HD4000, might order a new GPU from eBay but not decided yet.

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Roger Bengtsson


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