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Dell Precision M6800 nVidia Quadro problem


Can anybody say why after nVIDIA Quadro K4100M R410 U5 (412.16) 2019.1.3 driver installation left mouse button instead to open menu turns mouse cursor in blue circle which freezes the laptop? The only way to fix this is to uninstall the driver in safe mode. Without the driver it seems to work OK. The latest chipset drivers are installed, as well as the other critical drivers for M6800.

Except this, I need an advice how to setup nVidia card in its control panel, because if it works OK with Photoshop, it doesn't work with 3ds Max or Rhino 3D v6.0 (it was set for max performance).                                 All recommendations that I found couldn't make it work with all the applications. If there are universal settings for 3D applications (max performance), please post a link.

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