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ENORMOUS trackpad/mouse problems - Precision 5530 and Windows 10


I really, really, really hope somebody has a clue/solution to my problem!!!!!

I have a Dell Precision 5530 with 32GB, 1TB SSD and Windows 10. I have all the latest updates in terms of OS, drivers and BIOS. My docking station is a Dell TB16 and I have two Samsung monitors connected - one through HDMI and the other through DP. Furthermore I have a Dell keyboard and Dell mouse connected using USB to the same docking station.

I'm experiencing serious troubles with my mouse pointer when the machine is used "on its own", *disconnected* from the TB16 Thunderbolt station.

I have done the following:

  • Booted into bios: NO problem there!
  • Booted into Ubuntu using LiveUSB: much LESS problems here but some erratic behavior! After a while the problems actually seem to disappear???!!! They DO occur however a couple of minutes after booting from the LiveUSB.
  • Booted into Windows 10: machine is USELESS! It's impossible to use it as the mouse pointer always travels to the lower left corner and is "moving around by itself" in that corner.

I've also disabled the touchscreen in case it was "pinched" causing the mouse wandering.

As things are looking now I'd say I have a rather expensive piece of paperweight! Any suggestions on how to solve this will increase your karma TREMENDOUSLY!!!!!

Many thanks in advance!!!!

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