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External mic not working

The problem started when I reinstalled Windows 10 to go from legacy mode to UEFI mode. (I have Dell Precision 7710).

I use gaming headphones that plug in with the 3.5mm audio jack and the microphone plugs in to my headphones with the 3.5mm. Before when I plugged my headphones in I got this popup thing where I could pick "Headphones (with microphone)" or something like that but now it's not happening and obviously my mic is not working.

I started to research the problem and I found that I could do the same thing from Dell Audio which I should find from control panel, I don't have Dell Audio there at all and I didn't find any way to install it.

The second possible solution was going to the Realtek Audio Manager, it doesn't show up in the control panel either but I can find it from the file manager (is that what its called?) but I can't open it from there (it just doesn't do anything, I've checked the drivers like three times)

So I don't know if the Dell Audio or Realtek Audio Manager have anything to do with my problem so you can suggest something else or how to fix them. Has anyone ever had similar problems and how did you fix them?

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