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Getting 4k x 2k working with Dell 3510

Hi there - Posting on  the Inspiron board as there is no Precision board it seems.  I have a Dell 3510 that has HDMI port and when connected to a 3580x2160 monitor works fine.  Now enter a port replication (docking station) that has a DisplayPort and DVI connector (but alas no HDMI port).  When i connect the monitor i can only get 1980x1080 resolution.  During one reboot when the DVI cable was being used the monitor showed 3580x2160 but now i can't get it to display with that resolution again. When you right-click on the desktop and select the Intel graphics settings it recognizes the second display but only provide a maximum 1980x1080 resolution setting. There is a "customize" your own resolution but when i enter in any resolution above 1980x1080 is says its not supported.  What am i doing wrong?

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Re: Getting 4k x 2k working with Dell 3510


What model of docking station do you have? It may be that the dock doesn't support higher resolutions.

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